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Welcome to our home page

Our objective is to provide information on our club activities and to share winemaking knowledge with other home winemakers.

Meeting are held on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Halceon Clubhouse, 46000 Thomas Road, Chilliwack.

There are no meetings in Jun, July and August. Our June and August meetings take the form of a BBQ at a pre-scheduled site and time. Our December meeting takes the form of a Mulled Wine Competition and a potluck dinner.

  • Meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. sharp

  • After a brief business meeting a program on a wine or beer making topic is given at each meeting

  • A question and answer time for your wine or beer problems

  • Cooking with wine in March

  • Group wine tasting at most meetings

  • Refreshments are provided by members on a rotating basis

  • An Order of the Purple Foot nametag is available with you membership. You are encouraged to wear it at club meetings and events.

  • A newsletter will be mailed or e-mailed to each member

  • Membership is $25.00 each and is due in September


Executive for 2013

    • President: Sergio Civitarese, 604-824-7270.
    • V.P. Rino Genzale. 604-847-0932.
    • Secretary: Lisa Axelson. 604-793-9921.
    • Treasurer: Jonathon Klinck. 604-794-3033.
    • Program Director: Cory Padula
    • Club Steward: Bob Booth
    • B.C.A.W.A. Rep.: John & Fran Ayris
    • Communications Director: Mary- Susan Gagnon
    • Making wine

Our slogan
The joy of making
wine and beer!