Nanaimo Winemakers


Wine Competition




Date:             Saturday, March 5, 2011


Place:           Cavallotti Hall

                       2060 East Wellington Road

                       Nanaimo, B.C.


Fee:               $2.50 per bottle entered


Contact:       Vern Rogers

(250) 729-9414




Evening Social


Members and guests are invited to attend our Gala Social Event on Saturday evening which will include a ‘tasting’ of award winning wines, a Silent Auction and a catered dinner……


Doors Open at 6:00 pm  /  Dinner at 7:00 pm


Dinner Tickets:  $50.00


(Contact Peter Huyghebaert 250-756-3241  /


Note:  Please DO NOT bring any wine to this social event.  Wine will be provided with the meal.


Competition Rules


(1)   Entrants must be members, in good standing, of a wine club affiliated with the British Columbia Amateur Winemakers Association (BCAWA).


(2)   A ‘Nanaimo Winemakers - 2011 - Wine Competition (Entry Form)’ must be completed identifying each entry and including all pertinent information as described below:


- Page - Enter the page number in the top right corner.  If you require more than one page, ensure that each page is identified (ie: 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3).  Make sure that all of the pages are stapled together.

- Member’s Name - Enter your first and last name in full.

- Mailing Address - Enter your full mailing address including postal code.  If you are unable to attend the banquet when the presentations are made, your ‘Judges Comments’ sheets and medals will be mailed to this address.

- Club - Enter the club name that you are a member of.

- Telephone - Enter a telephone number that you can be reached at.

- E-Mail - Your E-Mail address will serve as a back-up for contacting you.

- Class Code - Each wine entry must qualify under one of the following Classes by meeting the criteria described in the attached ‘Class Qualifications’ document. You need only enter the Code in this space.  (eg: C1, D3, or F)


            C1  - Dry Red Bordeaux Style             D1  - Chardonnay                      E - Rosé

            C2  - Dry Red Pinot                            D2  - Dry White Pinot                F - Dessert

            C3  - Dry Red Zinfandel                      D3  - Other Dry White               G - After Dinner

            C4  - Other Dry Red                           D4  - Aromatic White Grape       I  - Social

            C5  - Dry Red Cabernet Sauvignon

            C6  - Rhone Style Red


- Entry # - You may enter up to a maximum of three (3) wines per Class.  Each wine within a given Class must have a noteable difference in terms of variety, vintage or vineyard.

- Vintage - Normally identifies the year in which the grapes were harvested and will apply  in the case of a varietal wine.  In the case of a blend, enter the date of the varietal which comprises the largest portion of the blend.  For a 50/50 blend, enter the date of the latest varietal.

- Ingredients - Each varietal in the wine must be identified.  It is very important that the proportion (in percent) of each varietal be included to confirm that the wine has been entered into the correct Class.  (eg: 50% Cab Sauv, 30% Cab Franc, 20% Merlot).  Failure to do so may result in the entry being disqualified.

Note:  Wines entered in Class (F) Dessert must indicate the style of wine on the Entry Form and Bottle ID Tag (ie: Botrytis Affected, Ice Wine Style, or Other Dessert Styles).

- TA - Whenever possible, Titratable Acid should be stated.

- Region - If you know the region or appellation where the grapes were grown enter it in this field (eg: Santa Barbara, Summerland, Napa, Paso Robles, Lime Kiln, etc).  If you do not know the region, enter the general area (eg: California, Oregon, Washington, Okanagan, Australia, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, etc).

- Vineyard - If you know the name of the vineyard, enter it in this field (eg: White Hills, Mission Hill, Tin Horn Creek, Camelot, etc).  If you do not know the name, simply leave the field blank.  If the wine was made from a kit, enter the word ‘Kit’ in this field.  The name of the manufacturer and the name of the kit should also be included.

(3)   All wines entered shall be made from grapes.


(4)   All wines entered shall be in 750 ml bottles except for those in Class (F) Dessert and (G) After Dinner.  These wines may be in 375 ml bottles.


(5)   Each bottle must have an identification tag securely attached to it.  You will find a page containing four (4) ‘Bottle Identification Tags’ accompanying this package.  Additional copies can be made as required.

        Note:      Wines entered in Class (F) Dessert must indicate the style of wine on the Entry Form and Bottle ID Tag (ie:  Botrytis Affected, Ice Wine Style, or Other Dessert Styles).


(6)   Judging will be carried out by members of the B.C. Guild of Wine Judges in accordance with BCAWA rules and the BCAWA official Class Descriptors.


(7)   An entry fee of $2.50 per bottle can be paid by either cash or a cheque made payable to ‘The Nanaimo Winemakers’ and must accompany your entry form.


(8)   Closing date for all entries is Saturday, February 19, 2011.


(9)   All wines entered must be made by the member.  Wines made at a  commercial establishment (ie: U-Brew) that is not owned by the member or wines made for the purpose of public purchase and distribution will not be accepted.



Drop Off Sites:


Duane Lukyn

3297 Smugglers Hill

Nanaimo                                  250-751-1557


Don Graham

1873 Bonito Crescent

Nanoose Bay                           250-468-9417


David Annis

19 - 5980 Jaynes Road

Duncan                                    250-748-1338


Colin Nicholson

664 Kenneth Street

Victoria                                    250-479-3355


Ken Beardsell

4484 15th Avenue, West

Vancouver                               604-224-3196


George Gibson

1289 Lucking Place

North Vancouver                     604-986-1289