2007 National Competition Results

A 1 Aperitif Sherry Zawadski Brownie MB G BEST OF CLASS
A 2 Aperitif Sherry Pearson Tony BC S  
A 3 Aperitif Sherry Mailloux Sebastien PQ B  
A 4 Aperitif Sherry McDonald Steve ON B  
A 5 Aperitif Sherry Hooper Art BC B  
A 6 Aperitif Sherry Rennie Bill AB S  
A 7 Aperitif Sherry Panagapka Don ON G  
A 8 Aperitif Sherry Furness Michael MB    
A 9 Aperitif Sherry Wright Dennis MB B  
B 1 Aperitif Kucera Tommy MB S  
B 2 Aperitif Ford/Hauck Roger/Sam BC B  
B 3 Aperitif Panagapka Don ON B  
B 4 Aperitif Plant Charles BC B  
B 5 Aperitif Furness Michael MB    
B 6 Aperitif Kroitzsch Axel BC B  
B 7 Aperitif Collings Bill BC S  
B 8 Aperitif Paterson Larry PQ B  
B 9 Aperitif Rennie Bill AB S  
B 10 Aperitif Starr John NS B  
B 11 Aperitif Wong Lorna ON B  
B 12 Aperitif Roesener Werner ON S BEST OF CLASS
B 13 Aperitif Wright Dennis MB B  
C1 1 White Chardonnay Pare Josee PQ    
C1 2 White Chardonnay Mailloux Sebastien PQ B  
C1 3 White Chardonnay Young Jim BC B  
C1 4 White Chardonnay Paterson Larry PQ    
C1 5 White Chardonnay Doering Randy AB B  
C1 6 White Chardonnay Bauer John MB B  
C1 7 White Chardonnay Roy Kurtis AB B  
C1 8 White Chardonnay Zawadski Brownie MB    
C1 9 White Chardonnay Kampers Steve ON B  
C1 10 White Chardonnay Graham Don BC B  
C1 11 White Chardonnay Gillingham David ON B  
C1 12 White Chardonnay Furness Michael MB    
C1 13 White Chardonnay Frankow Gary ON S BEST OF CLASS
C1 14 White Chardonnay Charlebois Michael ON S  
C1 15 White Chardonnay Homer Rick & Mary BC    
C1 16 White Chardonnay Perron Michel AB    
C1 17 White Chardonnay Ayris John & Frances BC    
C1 18 White Chardonnay Garrett Jeff BC    
C1 19 White Chardonnay Oakford Gord AB    
C1 20 White Chardonnay Rennie Bill AB    
C2 1 White Other Baker Ian BC G BEST OF CLASS
C2 2 White Other Morrison Doug BC S  
C2 3 White Other Mott Elayne NS S  
C2 4 White Other Rennie Bill AB    
C2 5 White Other Kampers Steve ON S  
C2 6 White Other Arcand Paul BC    
C2 7 White Other Dumanski Wayne ON S  
C2 8 White Other Kiszczuk Zenon PQ    
C2 9 White Other Paterson Larry PQ B  
C2 10 White Other Gibson George BC B  
C2 11 White Other Zawadski Brownie MB    
C2 12 White Other Roy Kurtis AB S  
C2 13 White Other Peters John ON    
C2 14 White Other George Jacquelin BC B  
C2 15 White Other Kucera Tommy MB    
C2 16 White Other Panagapka Don ON G  
C2 17 White Other Rowell Patricia NS S  
C2 18 White Other Glessing Clarence AB B  
C2 19 White Other Baker Alan NS    
C2 20 White Other MacDonald Debbie PQ    
C2 21 White Other Furness Michael MB    
C2 22 White Other Biros Brothers BC G  
C2 23 White Other Douglas Brian ON B  
C2 24 White Other Mariani Maurizia PQ B  
C2 25 White Other Mailloux Sebastien PQ    
C2 26 White Other Nygard Martin ON S  
C2 27 White Other Saunders Edward MB    
C2 28 White Other Svrcek Ron AB B  
C2 29 White Other Herbert Ivan NS    
C2 30 White Other Starr John NS B  
C2 31 White Other Mihoff Marta NS B  
C2 32 White Other Garrett Jeff BC B  
C2 33 White Other Childs Kit NS B  
C2 34 White Other Williams Brian ON S  
C2 35 White Other Brown Zachary PQ B  
C2 36 White Other Kraemer Chris ON    
C2 37 White Other Orr Claudia AB S  
D 1 Rose Sass Paul AB S  
D 2 Rose Collings Bill BC G BEST OF CLASS
D 3 Rose Perron Michel AB B  
D 4 Rose Furness Michael MB B  
D 5 Rose Maillouz Sebastien PQ    
D 6 Rose Pare Josee PQ    
D 7 Rose Banlova Diana PQ B  
D 8 Rose McClelland Burton ON    
D 9 Rose Kucera Tommy MB