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Annual Wine and Beer Competition

Saturday, 29 January, 2011

PLACE:  St. Dunstan’s Church Annex     1806 San Juan Ave. , Victoria, BC

 Competition Coordinator:
W.E. (Bill) Greaves
2249 Ardwell Ave 
BC V8L 2M2
(250) 656-5086


 A. Aperitif Sherry I. Social 
 B.  Aperitif J. Country
C1. Bordeaux K. VI Dry Red Grape
C2. Pinot Noir L. VI Dry White Grape
C3. Zinfandel M. Light Beer
C4. Other Dry Red N. Hop-Focused Beer
C5. Cabernet Sauvignon   O Malt-Focused Beer 
C6. Rhone Style Red P. Roasted and Smoked Beer
D1. Chardonnay Q. Belgian Wheat Beer
D2. Pinot white R. Sparkling Cider
D3. Other Dry White S1. Red Grape Kit
E. Rosé  Table S2. White Grape Kit
F. Dessert  
G .After Dinner  
H. Sparkling  

Entry Fee  $2.50 per entry
Cheques must accompany entry and be made payable to “Saanich Sommeliers”.


  1. Entrants must be members in good standing of a bona fide wine club.
  2. There is no limit on the number of entries per person; however, each entry in a class must be from a different variety of grape or fruit or a different vintage or blend.
  3.  All entries must be properly labeled (2” x 3” minimum size) with the following information:
    1. Class Name
    2. Entrant’s Info:

  i.    Name
E-mail address

    1. Club Name
    2. Principal Varietal
    3. Year and source of grapes
    4.  Number of entry in a particular class (e.g. 1 of 2, 1 of 3, etc.)
    5. Any other information that the entrant feels is important (pH, SG, TA, etc.).  The more information the judges have the better they are able to accurately judge your wine.

Each label must be securely attached to the bottle with an elastic band (not tape) for easy removal.

  1. Entries in Class F should specify the specific gravity so wines can be subdivided into dry and sweet.
  2. All entries become the property of Saanich Sommeliers.
  3. All entries will be judged in accordance with BCAWA rules and  BCAWA official class descriptors.
  4. Vancouver Island reds and whites (class K and L) will be judged in accordance with classes C and D.
  5. Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded in all classes.
  6. Trophies will be presented for first place in some classes.



 Lower Mainland                       13 Jan 2011

 Vancouver Island                     14 Jan 2011


 Lower Mainland

Frank Clarke
4484 Saratoga Court Bb

John Thompson
6630 - 187A
St., Surrey

John Ayris
216 First Ave.,

Frank Clark
Frank will arrange to get your wines to the main drop off location. .
Please contact Frank @ 604- 4332146    

 Vancouver Island

 Colin Nicholson - 664 Kenneth Victoria - 250-479-3355
Duane Lukyn - 3297 Smugglers Hill Drive - 250=752-1557

 Don Graham - 1873 Bonita Cresc Nanoose Bay - 250-468-9417
 Geo Beck
- George will arrange transfer of all Nanaimo wines.
 Please contact George at 250-468-7997