2007 National Competition Results

A 1 Aperitif Sherry Zawadski Brownie MB G BEST OF CLASS
A 2 Aperitif Sherry Pearson Tony BC S  
A 3 Aperitif Sherry Mailloux Sebastien PQ B  
A 4 Aperitif Sherry McDonald Steve ON B  
A 5 Aperitif Sherry Hooper Art BC B  
A 6 Aperitif Sherry Rennie Bill AB S  
A 7 Aperitif Sherry Panagapka Don ON G  
A 8 Aperitif Sherry Furness Michael MB    
A 9 Aperitif Sherry Wright Dennis MB B  
B 1 Aperitif Kucera Tommy MB S  
B 2 Aperitif Ford/Hauck Roger/Sam BC B  
B 3 Aperitif Panagapka Don ON B  
B 4 Aperitif Plant Charles BC B  
B 5 Aperitif Furness Michael MB    
B 6 Aperitif Kroitzsch Axel BC B  
B 7 Aperitif Collings Bill BC S  
B 8 Aperitif Paterson Larry PQ B  
B 9 Aperitif Rennie Bill AB S  
B 10 Aperitif Starr John NS B  
B 11 Aperitif Wong Lorna ON B  
B 12 Aperitif Roesener Werner ON S BEST OF CLASS
B 13 Aperitif Wright Dennis MB B  
C1 1 White Chardonnay Pare Josee PQ    
C1 2 White Chardonnay Mailloux Sebastien PQ B  
C1 3 White Chardonnay Young Jim BC B  
C1 4 White Chardonnay Paterson Larry PQ    
C1 5 White Chardonnay Doering Randy AB B  
C1 6 White Chardonnay Bauer John MB B  
C1 7 White Chardonnay Roy Kurtis AB B  
C1 8 White Chardonnay Zawadski Brownie MB    
C1 9 White Chardonnay Kampers Steve ON B  
C1 10 White Chardonnay Graham Don BC B  
C1 11 White Chardonnay Gillingham David ON B  
C1 12 White Chardonnay Furness Michael MB    
C1 13 White Chardonnay Frankow Gary ON S BEST OF CLASS
C1 14 White Chardonnay Charlebois Michael ON S  
C1 15 White Chardonnay Homer Rick & Mary BC    
C1 16 White Chardonnay Perron Michel AB    
C1 17 White Chardonnay Ayris John & Frances BC    
C1 18 White Chardonnay Garrett Jeff BC    
C1 19 White Chardonnay Oakford Gord AB    
C1 20 White Chardonnay Rennie Bill AB    
C2 1 White Other Baker Ian BC G BEST OF CLASS
C2 2 White Other Morrison Doug BC S  
C2 3 White Other Mott Elayne NS S  
C2 4 White Other Rennie Bill AB    
C2 5 White Other Kampers Steve ON S  
C2 6 White Other Arcand Paul BC    
C2 7 White Other Dumanski Wayne ON S  
C2 8 White Other Kiszczuk Zenon PQ    
C2 9 White Other Paterson Larry PQ B  
C2 10 White Other Gibson George BC B  
C2 11 White Other Zawadski Brownie MB    
C2 12 White Other Roy Kurtis AB S  
C2 13 White Other Peters John ON    
C2 14 White Other George Jacquelin BC B  
C2 15 White Other Kucera Tommy MB    
C2 16 White Other Panagapka Don ON G  
C2 17 White Other Rowell Patricia NS S  
C2 18 White Other Glessing Clarence AB B  
C2 19 White Other Baker Alan NS    
C2 20 White Other MacDonald Debbie PQ    
C2 21 White Other Furness Michael MB    
C2 22 White Other Biros Brothers BC G  
C2 23 White Other Douglas Brian ON B  
C2 24 White Other Mariani Maurizia PQ B  
C2 25 White Other Mailloux Sebastien PQ    
C2 26 White Other Nygard Martin ON S  
C2 27 White Other Saunders Edward MB    
C2 28 White Other Svrcek Ron AB B  
C2 29 White Other Herbert Ivan NS    
C2 30 White Other Starr John NS B  
C2 31 White Other Mihoff Marta NS B  
C2 32 White Other Garrett Jeff BC B  
C2 33 White Other Childs Kit NS B  
C2 34 White Other Williams Brian ON S  
C2 35 White Other Brown Zachary PQ B  
C2 36 White Other Kraemer Chris ON    
C2 37 White Other Orr Claudia AB S  
D 1 Rose Sass Paul AB S  
D 2 Rose Collings Bill BC G BEST OF CLASS
D 3 Rose Perron Michel AB B  
D 4 Rose Furness Michael MB B  
D 5 Rose Maillouz Sebastien PQ    
D 6 Rose Pare Josee PQ    
D 7 Rose Banlova Diana PQ B  
D 8 Rose McClelland Burton ON    
D 9 Rose Kucera Tommy MB    
D 10 Rose Arruda Manny ON B  
D 11 Rose Rennie Bill AB S  
D 12 Rose Kroitzsch Alex BC    
D 13 Rose Zawadski Brownie MB S  
D 14 Rose Paterson Larry PQ B  
E1 1 Red Bordeaux Ierullo Dominic ON B  
E1 2 Red Bordeaux Zawadski Brownie MB B  
E1 3 Red Bordeaux McCall Terry ON G  
E1 4 Red Bordeaux Peters John ON S  
E1 5 Red Bordeaux D'Antonio Alvaro ON S  
E1 6 Red Bordeaux Wright Dennis MB B  
E1 7 Red Bordeaux Furness Michael MB    
E1 8 Red Bordeaux Stevenson Dan ON B  
E1 9 Red Bordeaux Bauer John MB B  
E1 10 Red Bordeaux Brown Zachary PQ B  
E1 11 Red Bordeaux Fedorsen Jeremy ON    
E1 12 Red Bordeaux Walters Barry AB B  
E1 13 Red Bordeaux Paterson Larry PQ S  
E1 14 Red Bordeaux Kucera Tommy MB    
E1 15 Red Bordeaux Reimer Darrell MB S  
E1 16 Red Bordeaux Gillingham David ON G BEST OF CLASS
E1 17 Red Bordeaux Bowman Tony AB S  
E1 18 Red Bordeaux Irani Jimmy AB S  
E1 19 Red Bordeaux Morrison Doug BC S  
E1 20 Red Bordeaux Pare Josee PQ B  
E1 21 Red Bordeaux Perron Michel AB B  
E1 22 Red Bordeaux Pellizzari Riccardo BC B  
E1 23 Red Bordeaux George Jacquelin BC S  
E1 24 Red Bordeaux MacDonald Debbie PQ    
E1 25 Red Bordeaux Collings Bill BC B  
E1 26 Red Bordeaux Kroitzsch Axel BC B  
E1 27 Red Bordeaux Kiszczuk Zenon PQ    
E1 28 Red Bordeaux Huckalo George ON    
E1 29 Red Bordeaux Leeper Mike BC B  
E1 30 Red Bordeaux Steinberg Shawn PQ S  
E1 31 Red Bordeaux Brouillette Christian PQ B  
E1 32 Red Bordeaux Panagapka Don ON S  
E1 33 Red Bordeaux Hawley Rob MB S  
E1 34 Red Bordeaux Comeault Rob MB S  
E1 35 Red Bordeaux Guiney Merilyn MB S  
E1 36 Red Bordeaux McMaster John BC S  
E1 37 Red Bordeaux Gibson George BC S  
E1 38 Red Bordeaux McDonald Steve ON S  
E1 39 Red Bordeaux Langlois Christian PQ B  
E1 40 Red Bordeaux Mailloux Sebastien PQ B  
E1 41 Red Bordeaux Williams Brian ON B  
E1 42 Red Bordeaux Saunders Edward MB S  
E2 1 Red Pinot Brown Zachary PQ S  
E2 2 Red Pinot Paterson Larry PQ B  
E2 3 Red Pinot Collings Bill BC S BEST OF CLASS
E2 4 Red Pinot Brouillette Christian PQ B  
E2 5 Red Pinot Wright Dennis MB    
E2 6 Red Pinot Zawadski Brownie MB B  
E2 7 Red Pinot Saunders Edward MB B  
E2 8 Red Pinot Sass Paul AB B  
E2 9 Red Pinot Bracey Dave AB B  
E2 10 Red Pinot Mailloux Sebastien PQ B  
E2 11 Red Pinot Kroitzsch Axel BC B  
E3 1 Red Other Brouillette Christian PQ    
E3 2 Red Other Badger Glen BC B  
E3 3 Red Other Beck George BC B  
E3 4 Red Other Guiney Merilyn MB    
E3 5 Red Other Edwards Ernie AB S  
E3 6 Red Other Toye John ON B  
E3 7 Red Other Peters John ON S  
E3 8 Red Other Arcand Paul BC B  
E3 9 Red Other Panagapka Don ON B  
E3 10 Red Other Borris Harry BC    
E3 11 Red Other Herbert Ivan NS    
E3 12 Red Other Zawadski Brownie MB    
E3 13 Red Other Comeault Rob MB B  
E3 14 Red Other Kiszczuk Zenon PQ S  
E3 15 Red Other D'Antonio Alvaro ON G BEST OF CLASS
E3 16 Red Other Balan Ribana PQ S  
E3 17 Red Other Weyers Lorne ON B  
E3 18 Red Other Perron Michel AB B  
E3 19 Red Other Matkovich John BC B  
E3 20 Red Other Baker Alan NS B  
E3 21 Red Other Charlebois Michael ON B  
E3 22 Red Other Koks Henriet PQ    
E3 23 Red Other Furness Michael MB    
E3 24 Red Other Reimer Darrell MB B  
E3 25 Red Other Kroitzsch Axel BC B  
E3 26 Red Other Saunders Edward MB    
E3 27 Red Other Grindler Mike BC B  
E3 28 Red Other Mariani Maurizia PQ    
E3 29 Red Other Bauer John MB    
E3 30 Red Other Ayris John & Frances BC B  
E3 31 Red Other Banlova Diana PQ S  
E3 32 Red Other Paterson Larry PQ B  
E3 33 Red Other Kucera Tommy MB B  
E3 34 Red Other Langlois Christian PQ B  
E3 35 Red Other Arruda Manny ON    
E3 36 Red Other MacDonald Debbie PQ B  
E3 37 Red Other Blaschek Steve BC S  
E3 38 Red Other Childs Kit NS S  
E3 39 Red Other George Jacquelin BC    
E3 40 Red Other Dragani Michael BC B  
E3 41 Red Other Starr John NS    
E3 42 Red Other Homer Rick & Mary BC    
E3 43 Red Other Mailloux Sebastien PQ    
E3 44 Red Other Kubon Pepe BC    
E3 45 Red Other Fortin Patrick PQ    
E3 46 Red Other Orr Claudia AB    
E3 47 Red Other Wong David BC    
E3 48 Red Other Carder Jim AB    
F 1 Dessert Saunders Edward MB B  
F 2 Dessert Osmond Donald ON B  
F 3 Dessert Bishop Conny NS    
F 4 Dessert Plant Charles BC B  
F 5 Dessert Kucera Tommy MB B  
F 6 Dessert Gibson George BC B  
F 7 Dessert Collings Bill BC    
F 8 Dessert Wright Dennis MB    
F 9 Dessert Comeault Rob MB B  
F 10 Dessert Roy Kurtis AB B  
F 11 Dessert Furness Michael MB B  
F 12 Dessert Svrcek Ron AB S BEST OF CLASS
F 13 Dessert Rennie Bill AB    
F 14 Dessert Paterson Larry PQ    
F 15 Dessert Varadinek Pavel ON B  
F 16 Dessert Wilson Ross ON B  
F 17 Dessert Charlebois Michael ON B  
F 18 Dessert Falk Norman ON    
F 19 Dessert Zawadski Brownie MB B  
F 20 Dessert Panagapka Don ON B  
F 21 Dessert Graham Glen ON    
F 22 Dessert Mailloux Sebastien PQ    
F 23 Dessert Chiasson Marilyn AB    
G 1 After Dinner Nygard Martin ON S  
G 2 After Dinner Svrcek Ron AB B  
G 3 After Dinner Dumanski Wayne ON B  
G 4 After Dinner Plant Charles BC B  
G 5 After Dinner Mailloux Sebastien PQ B  
G 6 After Dinner Roesener Werner ON S  
G 7 After Dinner Homer Rick & Mary BC B  
G 8 After Dinner Wright Dennis MB B  
G 9 After Dinner Sylvester Len ON B  
G 10 After Dinner Skelly Steve ON B  
G 11 After Dinner Mott Elayne NS B  
G 12 After Dinner Furness Michael MB B  
G 13 After Dinner Burr Doug & Bev BC B  
G 14 After Dinner Borris Harry BC S  
G 15 After Dinner Quast Mervin ON B  
G 16 After Dinner Paterson Larry PQ    
G 17 After Dinner Zawadski Brownie MB S  
G 18 After Dinner Sass Paul AB B  
G 19 After Dinner Fortin Patrick PQ S  
G 20 After Dinner Rennie Bill AB B  
G 21 After Dinner Collings Bill BC B  
G 22 After Dinner Saunders Edward MB B  
G 23 After Dinner Hannela Bill BC B  
G 24 After Dinner Brown Zachary PQ S  
G 25 After Dinner Walters Barry AB B  
G 26 After Dinner Kucera Tommy MB S BEST OF CLASS
H 1 Sparkling Garrett Jeff BC B  
H 2 Sparkling Rennie Bill AB S  
H 3 Sparkling Sass Paul AB B  
H 4 Sparkling Ferguson Peter ON B  
H 5 Sparkling Collings Bill BC S BEST OF CLASS
H 6 Sparkling Paterson Larry PQ    
H 7 Sparkling George Jacquelin BC B  
H 8 Sparkling Furness Michael MB S  
H 9 Sparkling Svrcek Ron AB S  
H 10 Sparkling Aziz Brian ON B  
H 11 Sparkling Herbert Ivan NS    
I 1 Social Koks Henriet PQ B  
I 2 Social Kroitzsch Axel BC S  
I 3 Social Kucera Tommy MB B  
I 4 Social Chiasson Marilyn AB S  
I 5 Social Van Der Mark John ON S  
I 6 Social Mailloux Sebastien PQ S BEST OF CLASS
I 7 Social White Tim ON B  
I 8 Social Bishop Conny NS B  
I 9 Social Paterson Larry PQ S  
I 10 Social Panagapka Don ON S  
I 11 Social Balan Ribana PQ B  
I 12 Social Saunders Edward MB B  
I 13 Social Rennie Roy AB B  
I 14 Social Furlan Renzo BC B  
I 15 Social Steinberg Shawn PQ B  
I 16 Social Morrison Patricia AB B  
I 17 Social Trudel Melissa PQ B  
I 18 Social Jucker Peter NS B  
I 19 Social Shier Ray ON B  
I 20 Social Collings Bill BC B  
I 21 Social Zawadski Brownie MB S  
I 22 Social Kampers Steve ON B  
J 1 Country Stuehrenberg Dan AB S BEST OF CLASS
J 2 Country Paterson Larry PQ B  
J 3 Country Stevenson Dan ON S  
J 4 Country Mott Elayne NS    
J 5 Country Nygard Martin ON B  
J 6 Country Emberton Earl AB B  
J 7 Country Rennie Bill AB B  
J 8 Country Kroitzsch Axel BC    
J 9 Country Kucera Tommy MB B  
J 10 Country Svrcek Ron AB B  
J 11 Country Kubon Pepe BC    
J 12 Country Zawadski Brownie MB B  
J 13 Country Ford/Hauck Roger/Sam BC    
J 14 Country George Jacquelin BC    
J 15 Country Tveita Kathy BC B  
J 16 Country Bishop Conny NS    
K 1 Light Beer & Ale Emberton Earl AB S BEST OF CLASS
K 2 Light Beer & Ale Van Beek Victor ON B  
K 3 Light Beer & Ale Kouwenhoven Jack BC B  
K 4 Light Beer & Ale Ayris John & Frances BC B  
K 5 Light Beer & Ale Wright Dennis MB B  
K 6 Light Beer & Ale Oakford Gord AB B  
L 1 Hop-Focused Beers Quast Mervin ON B  
L 2 Hop-Focused Beers Furness Michael MB S BEST OF CLASS
L 3 Hop-Focused Beers Oakford Gord AB B  
L 4 Hop-Focused Beers Kouwenhoven Jack BC B  
L 5 Hop-Focused Beers Wright Dennis MB B  
L 6 Hop-Focused Beers Ayris John & Frances BC B  
M 1 Malt-Focused Beers Kouwenhoven Jack BC B  
M 2 Malt-Focused Beers Emberton Earl AB B  
M 3 Malt-Focused Beers Wright Dennis MB S  
M 4 Malt-Focused Beers Furness Michael MB B  
M 5 Malt-Focused Beers Bell Christopher ON    
M 6 Malt-Focused Beers Ayris John & Frances BC G BEST OF CLASS
N 1 Roasted & Smoked Beers Wright Dennis MB B  
N 2 Roasted & Smoked Beers Fortin Patrick PQ S  
N 3 Roasted & Smoked Beers Furness Michael MB B  
N 4 Roasted & Smoked Beers Kouwenhoven Jack BC S  
N 5 Roasted & Smoked Beers Emberton Earl AB B  
N 6 Roasted & Smoked Beers Svrcek Ron AB B  
N 7 Roasted & Smoked Beers Ayris John & Frances BC S  
N 8 Roasted & Smoked Beers Oakford Gord AB S BEST OF CLASS
O 1 Belgian & Wheat Beers Kouwenhoven Jack BC B  
O 2 Belgian & Wheat Beers Ayris John & Frances BC S BEST OF CLASS
O 3 Belgian & Wheat Beers Furness Michael MB    
O 4 Belgian & Wheat Beers Quast Mervin ON B  
O 5 Belgian & Wheat Beers Wright Dennis MB B  
P 1 Sparkling Cider Kouwenhoven Jack BC    
P 2 Sparkling Cider Nygard Martin ON B  
P 3 Sparkling Cider Shuttleworth Bill BC    
P 4 Sparkling Cider Kucera Tommy MB    
P 5 Sparkling Cider Furness Michael MB    
P 6 Sparkling Cider Svrcek Ron AB    
P 7 Sparkling Cider Panagapka Don ON S  
Provincial Summary
# Entries
ON 65 2632 5 18 32    
BC 76 2596 4 15 39    
AB 51 1812   16 26    
MB 65 1874 1 13 30    
PQ 54 1372   9 25    
NS 19 446   3 8    


Winemaker of the year: Don Panagapka, ON

Brewmaster of the year: John & Frances Ayris, BC


David Koop,

Chief Steward